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Do you have a spring in your step and a smile on your face in the morning? No? Then you might be bad tempered because you don’t feel great. Perhaps tiredness and stress greet you when you wake. If so, the next twenty-four hours have gotten off to a bad start. You can change the way you begin the day, though, and learn to rise like a breath of fresh air rather than under a storm cloud. [Read more]

If your weight loss efforts don’t seem as effective as you would like, it’s possible that it’s your hormones that are to blame. What follows are tips on how to get your hormones into weight-loss mode so that they help in, rather than get in the way of, your efforts. [Read more]

When you’re feeling stressed out during medical weight loss in Fayetteville or DeWitt, there are many ways to calm down quickly, but even meditating daily won’t do much good if the stressors in your life persist. To keep stress from making an impact on your weight loss program and quality of life, you need to pull stress up from its roots and work to make concrete changes in the things that cause you anxiety. [Read more]