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Starting in April for a limited time we are offering a group special for patients that are on the partial program. When you purchase 4 groups you will get the 5th group free. As a reminder Dr. Scinta recommends that all Partial patients attend 1 to (preferably) 2 groups per month. Our group teachers and Dr. Scinta work very hard to make sure that the groups topics tie into your weight loss journey. [Read more]

I would like to clarify the statistics published in the July 25 front-page article, “Linking Abuse to Obesity.” It should have stated that up to 75 percent of my morbidly obese female patients have been affected, not 75 percent of all of my female patients. Not all obese females are victims of abuse, and not all abuse victims are obese. Unfortunately, the correlation does exist with concerning frequency. [Read more]