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If you discover your waistline is getting bigger, you might be quick to blame the fat in your diet and start cutting back on that without considering other possible reasons. The problem probably is the sugar in your diet; everyone knows that sugar often leads to diabetes, tooth decay, and sugar crashes. However, many people don’t realize that consuming too much sugar will also sabotage any efforts to lose belly fat. [Read more]

Obesity is a lifelong disease—one that interrupts chronic health and can lead to severe concerns like heart disease and diabetes. Losing weight is different than truly overcoming obesity, as weight re-gain is a risk factor that you constantly have to be aware of. But for many people who struggle with obesity, the future is merely a reflection of the past. [Read more]



Despite having to contend with severe winter weather, Fashion Week, and the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics, the BOUNCE book launch on February 6 in NYC was a huge success. For those of you who made it all the way to the big apple in the treacherous weather, words cannot express my gratitude. It was truly a magical evening for me. [Read more]



If there is one common complaint among parents nationwide, it is that their children are spending more time online and on Facebook than they are being active. Many people have even attributed social media sites as one of the causes of childhood obesity. In Fayetteville, more and more children are losing interest in the playground and choosing to spend hours alone in front of a computer screen instead of being active all afternoon. [Read more]