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Keeping your child motivated to lose weight is a common problem that many parents in America are dealing with on a daily basis. Getting your overweight child to understand the importance of fitness and nutrition is a task in and of itself. But there are several ways to go about doing this without making your child feel forced to do it. Your weight loss doctor in New York can help your entire family to remain motivated as you work together to become healthier. [Read more]

For many adults the television, computer and video games that are stacked in our homes serve as the perfect baby sitter when we have chores or work to do. Endless games and shows can mesmerize a child for hours, and enable a parent to get a lot of chores done, but is it healthy for our children? [Read more]

As an overweight teenager, there are a lot of factors that you cannot control when it comes to your weight. Genetics have control over how quickly you feel full, which can cause some people to overeat. Teens also may have family overeating habits to overcome. Plus, sometimes being a teen is not fun, and then emotional eating plays a role in teen obesity.

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A recent study has shown that adopting healthy behavior with regards to food and exercise is the most successful method of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. With a third of the children in the United States being affected by obesity, and because teen obesity is one of the strongest predictors of adult obesity, it’s essential that researchers identify ways to stem obesity when the patient is an adolescent. [Read more]