shelly r weight loss success

When does someone decide ‘enough is enough’? My answer? When you’re Christmas shopping and you kneel down to get something off the bottom shelf and need assistance to get back up, take a minute to compose yourself… and trudge on. When getting ready for work, turns into a discussion with yourself about…what piece of jewelry can I wear to mask the fact that I rotate 2 pairs of dress pants with a few different tops, sweaters, scarves, etc. to make it look like you have a somewhat respectable wardrobe. (by the way – size 18 elastic wastes…I mean waists!) OH!  And the real wake up call, my daughter was getting married in July. I choose to believe that my beautiful daughter got her looks from mama! And I’m just that vain, that when people see me come down the isle before her, I want them thinking…whoa, I see where the bride gets her good looks from…not WHOA, here comes the bride’s mom!

I was out one evening and ran into a friend who said “You should look into the Medical Weight Loss ‘Clinic’, I just started and I’ve already seen results! I’ve done my share of diets, fads, etc.  Sure I lost, then turned around and gained it back.

So, I made the appointment to ‘check it out’. This sounds almost ridiculous, but my thought process was, if I’m paying for this, you can be sure I’ll be faithful to it! Faithful? What the hell kind of a term is that for changing your eating habits? You’re faithful to your partner. Which by the way, mine had just been deployed to Africa. 2015 was one heck of a year! I did the supplements. Shake for breakfast, bar for snack, soup at lunch, shake for afternoon snack and then dinner! Occasionally, I’d have a yogurt, or low fat cheese stick. I was full and I was surprisingly satisfied. I became a huge fan of ground turkey. Played with family recipes that felt like I was cheating, but my calorie intake stayed in tack! I was loyal to the food tracker (EUCO) I still use it every once and awhile in dining out, etc. to double check myself. It’s a bit challenging when you go on maintenance. My calories have gone up. I’m FULL before I hit my limit.

Everyone at the clinic was very encouraging. It’s not just about losing the weight, it’s your eating habits, how is the wedding planning coming along, how is Paul, will he be home in time for the wedding, etc. They truly took an interest in me personally, not just ‘the person’… 18’s turned into 16’s (I had a stash!), 16’s into 14’s. The wedding was getting closer, I ordered my dress. Had it taken in (all over!) 3 weeks later, had it taken in again. 4 days before the wedding, one last time. I was buying 12’s and having them altered! What a great feeling. I walked like it was my job. It wasn’t even the “it’s good for me”, it had become part of my routine, and I feel great!

The wedding was perfect and Paul did make it home in time! 😉 He loves me heavy or thin, though I do have much more energy to do things with our grandchildren and he doesn’t have to help me up from picking out that item on the bottom shelf of the store anymore. He’s very supportive and our eating habits have changed. I don’t go without the carbs or desserts, but I know it’s a ‘treat’ and don’t ‘treat’ yourself everyday! I’ve set 5 lbs. as my limit if I run amuck, etc. That 5 lbs. is a lot easier to lose than the 60 I lost! I haven’t reached that number yet, but I did hit 3. That was enough for me!

The bottom line is you’re going to do it when you make up your mind that “Enough is Enough!” It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Good luck to a healthier you!