Gary S – 40 lbs Weight Loss

Gary S – 40 lbs Weight Loss

The Journey we take together

While our collective goals in this program may be different, our journey is very similar. I am very proud of my wife and I for starting our journey together and even more proud that we know this is a life change for us.  When asked to write something for the newsletter, I was elated to express this joy and share with all of you my own personal success. I first asked, ‘What should I write?’, and was then encouraged to look at other patient stories for inspiration. I soon realized this is not only the success of one person, but all of us with personal goals to reach. Little did I know that I would become more inspired by reading other peoples journeys rather than writing my own. This reassures the fact that we have made the right choice for ourselves no matter how much our goals differ. For those just beginning the program, you are more successful than you think. That choice to begin your journey was the most difficult. It gets easier, especially with the support from Dr. Scinta and her awesome team. Ok, I cannot help but to share my own success… I have lost over 40 pounds in 12 weeks but more over, I am achieving my overall goal from a medical health standpoint.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Scinta about the results you can expect.


4 Responses to “Gary S – 40 lbs Weight Loss”
  • sam says:

    Gary- your courageous journey has just begun. Wishing you continued success.

  • Talia says:

    Gary, We’re so glad to have been apart of yours and carolyn’s journey. You guys are awesome and make this job really worth bragging about. Keep up the great work, this is only the beginning, your success is endless.

  • Jenn 4 says:

    You have done an awesome job! It’s been a pleasure helping you through this weight loss journey. Keep up the good work!

  • Bryan says:

    Gary you are absolutely right-Hardest part is deciding that it is time to take care of yourself and start the program! Congrats on the 40 pounds, 50 coming soon!

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