Abbey G – 88 lbs Weight Loss

abbey g weight loss success

I had been heavy all my life, and I thought I had tried everything. I was active in sports and watched what I ate but somehow the weight kept piling on. In my late teens I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, followed by high cholesterol, elevated liver enzymes, and pre-diabetes. I always had the will to lose weight but never had the right tools. I didn’t want to be overweight, I felt like I was trapped in my own body.

I finally saw Dr. Scinta and was told about the Optifast meal replacement plan. I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try. After losing my first few pounds, I was inspired to keep going. Before I knew it, I was down 50 lbs. in just a few months! I couldn’t believe this diet had actually worked. Dr. Scinta’s office was so encouraging every time I came in for my appointments. There was no stopping me now; I aimed to lose 100lbs. By the end of May 2014, I was down 88 lbs., a number I never even dreamed I could reach, and only a few pounds away from my goal. I was fully taken off all blood pressure medication, had no sign of diabetes, and all my labs have shown improvement. Thanks to Dr. Scinta’s practice, I finally feel like the girl I was meant to be. I’ve learned that there is nothing I can’t achieve; my weight loss has truly changed my life!

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Scinta about the results you can expect.


3 Responses to “Abbey G – 88 lbs Weight Loss”
  • wendy scinta says:

    Great job Abbey! I continue to be amazed by you in so many ways! The world is your oyster….


  • Sam says:

    Abbey- every time I see you you are so happy and full of life. You can enjoy all your adventures even more now. Enjoy every minute!

  • Sharon Lewis says:

    Abbey- You are awesome. I have another friend who also did this program with equally good results. I came to the website and found you here. Blessings!!! I am being motivated by you!!! Sharon in Rochester

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