Jackie – 111lb. Weight Loss

Jackie – 111lb Weight Loss

So I drank 560 boxes of Optifast and ate 112 bars and the end was in sight.  I was within 15 pounds of that magic number and then Dr. Scinta put fear in my heart by saying those words, “Let’s start talking about maintenance.”

My first thought was no thank you-let’s not change what is working.  I felt very resistant to eating again, actually I was terrified of eating again.  The usual thoughts, what if I put weight on, what if I start eating uncontrollably again.

She convinced me this was not going to happen and I could add a little weight without catastrophic events occurring.  Guess what, as always she was right and the weight kept coming off as I added different foods and reached that goal.

I started at 256 pounds at my heaviest and finished at 145 pounds (A DIFFERENCE OF 111 POUNDS!).

I felt so good, all the aches and pains had gone away, the stoop I had developed was gone and I stood straight up and had energy to burn.

Inevitably I over ate at Christmas and cancelled 2 appointments because I did not want to go into the clinic to get weighed because I was up 8 pounds.  So rather than getting the support I needed, I avoided the people who could help me.

I could not avoid another appointment so I finally went in and stepped on the scale.  I had every excuse in the book ready and the bad feelings were ready to take over again.  What a surprise I got from everyone I talked to!  Jen was her usual cheerful self and she made me feel great.  She did not slap my hand and say oh dear, bad girl or what have you been eating?  She said, “Oh that’s nothing, happens to everyone, we just need to make a plan.”  What a relief, she made me feel so good and that I was still in control.  The world did not end, Dr. Scinta, Jen and I developed a plan and 2 weeks later I had lost those 8 pounds and was back on track.

Now over a year later, Dr. Scinta and Jen are still supporting and encouraging me through all the problems still to come and the weight is still off!

Thank you does not even begin to tell how much I appreciate them being there-always.

Optifast® Full Meal Replacement Program
Jackie’s Total Weight Loss: 111 Pounds.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Scinta about the results you can expect.

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