What Does Pre-Diabetic Mean?

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What Does Pre-Diabetic MeanAs a finely tuned system, your body has certain levels of hormones, lipids and sugars that must be maintained. Like a car, you must be sure to put the right fluids into your system, or motor, and you must keep your body in balance. At least once a year, you should have a visit with your primary care physician to discuss the state of your body. At that time, he or she will complete a blood test to make sure all of your levels, including your glucose level, are in check.

Your glucose level is a measure of the amount of glucose hanging out in your body unused. Glucose is stored sugar that, once acted on by insulin, is absorbed by your fat and muscle cells for energy. If you have more glucose in your system than a normal level, it could indicate that your cells are becoming desensitized to insulin. This is a state known as pre-diabetic.

Being pre-diabetic means that you are not yet diabetic, but you are showing the propensity to have type 2 diabetes in the future. Type 2 diabetes is the class of diabetes in which your body produces enough insulin, but your cells become immune to it. If you are diagnosed as pre-diabetic, weight loss can help prevent you from being diagnosed as diabetic.

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