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Get Ready for Medical Weight Loss SuccessReadiness for weight loss falls on a spectrum. There is no green light that will flash on and make you ready to commit to your medical weight loss plan. Syracuse and Fayetteville aren’t going to change overnight, suddenly making it easier for you to take your weight loss goals seriously.

There are shades of gray in the weight loss process. Some days you will wake up feeling motivated, and others you’ll want nothing more than to sit down on the couch and eat an entire box of cookies. To make the most out of your weight loss efforts, you need to anticipate the good with the bad, and be ready to do what is best for your health with every step you take.

Capturing a strong mentality for weight loss takes a great deal of effort and time. The sooner you start thinking about having the right mindset for weight loss, the sooner you’ll be able to start losing weight.

The Readiness Spectrum

Living it

This is the highest end of the spectrum, the stage of readiness in which you are living up to the healthy lifestyle goals you’ve set for yourself. Note: this isn’t an “end” to the weight loss process. This stage will help you through the maintenance process as you work to keep your weight off.

Doing it

This is the action phase. When you’re in “do it” mode, you are not thinking of your doubts, fears or reservations about the weight loss process. You’re just putting your head down and doing what you need to do. Sometimes it’s possible to push yourself into “just do it” mode on days when you are feeling down or discouraged. The trick is to not think, just do.


This phase falls right in the center of the readiness spectrum, but can actually stretch to boost your resolve in the “live it” and “do it” modes too. During this stage you are thinking a lot about your goals, researching healthy lifestyle tips and are implementing positive behavior changes.


During this stage, you are aware that you need to change, but don’t feel ready or willing to do much about it yet. There is some sort of barrier holding you back from your weight loss goals. You might feel this way sometimes as you work through your medical weight loss program. Some days you might start to question why you started this hefty task at all. When you are feeling ambivalent towards your weight loss goals, try to stop thinking so much and push yourself into “do it” mode.


This is the bottom of the weight loss spectrum, and is marked by downplaying the need to lose weight. During this phase, some people really don’t see the need to lose weight. They don’t understand the impact their habits are having on their health and don’t see a reason to change. This group of people usually have an “a-ha” moment that boosts them into the ambivalence or even motivation stage. For others, this stage is a time when someone may know how important it is to start being healthier, but they are defensive and avoidant of the subject.

As the morning sun rises with each passing day, you’ll likely find that your mindset will adjust along this spectrum. One day you might be in action mode, and the next day you find yourself questioning your efforts and downplaying your health at the lower end of the spectrum.

Feeling different from one day to the next is natural. That is part of the reason it’s such a big deal to have a plan in place and a strong support network at your side. Those days when feeling motivated on your own seems out of the question, it’s valuable to have someone else you can turn to for a little boost.

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