The Good, the Bad and the Crazy!

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Spotting Fad Weight Loss DietsWhat do cabbage soup, Twinkies and baby food all have in common? They are part of some of the silliest weight loss diets to become popular in recent years.

In a perfect world, we would all come to our senses early on as we encounter a bad idea. We would see a sham for what it is and save ourselves the hardship and embarrassment that comes from making silly mistakes. Unfortunately, blinding hope can sometimes leave us trying things even when we know better. If this is true of any scenario, it is true of weight loss diets.

The desire to lose weight can be so overwhelming at times that you might be willing to try just about anything someone tells you. Sometimes, the sales pitch for a new diet plan sounds so good you feel like you need to try it… just in case it might be true.

Fad diets are potentially dangerous. They encourage very low-calorie diet plans that are devoid of nutrients and leave your body wanting more. Sure, you might lose a few pounds somewhat quick, but that weight often comes back as soon as you return to your traditional dietary habits.

If you want to lose weight sustainably, you need to develop healthy habits and make long term lifestyle changes that encourage weight loss. Medical weight loss can help with this. Fad diets cannot.

Fad diet signs you should be wary of:

  • Lose weight FAST! Ok, you might—but you’ll probably gain it back fast too.
  • Guaranteed to work for YOU! If the box says this, then it is saying it to everyone—which means the program isn’t customized at all to your individual needs. A pre-printed box doesn’t know you, so it can’t be guaranteed to work for you.
  • Exotic, Rare and Powerful Supplements. A lot of times these supplements are placebos at best. At worst, they have potentially damaging ingredients. If a vitamin or supplement isn’t approved by the FDA or prescribed by your doctor, don’t try it.
  • No Exercise Needed! Physical activity is a crucial component of any long-term weight loss plan. There’s no way around that. Be wary of anyone or anything that tells you differently.

Most of the time these fad diets will come with all sorts of “scientific” explanations as to how their products work, but when you look into it the study usually isn’t too legitimate. Fad diets can pull you down a bad path of weight loss and regain. Stop the yo-yo dieting and put your trust and energy into medical weight loss.

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