Obesity and Mental Health

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Being overweight not only presents many physical problems that have to be dealt with, but it is also problematic to mental and emotional health. In fact, the effects of obesity on mental health can be as damaging as the physical effects.

One area of concern is self-esteem. With the emphasis on thinness in our society, it is a wonder anyone has good self-esteem. Low self-esteem can bring about many poor choices. If you do not feel like a worthy individual, you may allow people to abuse you. Drug and alcohol use is higher for girls who are obese than for their peers of average weight. Low self-esteem can keep a person from having high expectations for their career and life in general.

Obese people have more problems with depression and anxiety than those with average weight. One reason for this is a lack of physical exercise. Physical exercise helps combat depression and anxiety. Obese people are often too embarrassed to exercise, and for many working out has become too difficult. It is a vicious cycle, because you would feel better if you exercised but you are too depressed or anxious about it to even begin.

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