5 Things to Do Before You Start a Medical Weight Loss Program

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Medical weight loss programs combine doctor supervision, behavioral counseling, dietary adjustment and sometimes appetite suppression pills to help you lose weight without surgery. For many overweight people, a medical weight loss program is the only realistic solution to their weight problems.

There are five things you should do before you start a medical weight loss program in order to secure a successful outcome.

  1. Make sure you are ready to commit. If you are not mentally and emotionally ready for successful weight loss, you will not have it.
  2. Let your family members know what to expect. You will have an entirely different approach to eating during the program, and you should let your family know how that will affect them.
  3. Talk to others who have gone through the program. Take the time to understand what to expect from someone who has already been through it.
  4. Remove junk foods from your kitchen. You will not be able to eat the same way on the program as you did before, so rid your home of all junk food.
  5. Create a support group. You will have both good times and bad while on the medical weight loss program. A support group of medical and psychological experts, friends and family, and people who have gone through the program will help.

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