5 Easy Ways to Cut Calories in Your Cooking

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Cutting calories isn't easy but if you want to lose weight, you need to eat at a caloric deficit each day. It may be hard to change your eating habits but there are plenty of small changes you can make to the meals you eat at home in order to lower your caloric intake. If you aren't sure how to lessen the calories in the meals you cook, heed the following tips.

1. Drink Only Water

If you've become accustomed to having soda or juice with your meals, switch to water. Adding drinks with a lot of sugar to your mealtime will result in a significant calorie increase in your daily routine. Getting rid of all sugary drinks and only drinking water every day will lower your caloric intake. If you find yourself craving a sugary drink, try a flavored sparkling water until you adjust to your new routine.

2. Less Sauce

A healthy meal can quickly become unhealthy if you drench it in a high calorie sauce. Even a salad can be calorie dense with too much dressing. Start measuring the sauce you use in every meal and use a calorie counter to determine the appropriate amount you should be adding. In general, you should try to cut your sauce usage in half. If you feel cutting out sauce makes your meals bland, try adding more seasoning for added flavor.

3. No Oil

Avoid using oil to cook your foods. Fried veggies become much more calorie dense when you cook them in olive oil. You can steam fry with water to make your food healthier. If you do need oil for a dish you are cooking, make sure you are measuring it and adding those calories to your recipe. Oil is often overlooked when counting calories but it adds a significant caloric increase to each meal. Your food diary will be incorrect if you are not measuring the oil you use in each meal.

4. Chew Well

It sounds silly but many people do not realize when they're full simply because they eat too fast. It takes a moment for your stomach to catch up to your brain to signal that you need to stop eating. Take the time to enjoy your food and chew it well in order to eat less. The slower you eat, the less calories you will consume.

5. Add More Veggies

With most meals, you can cut out some of the meat and carbs by supplementing with more veggies. Vegetables will fill you up and have less calories than meat and carbohydrates. You don't have to say goodbye to meat and carbs entirely, just make sure that you are utilizing portion control properly and not over-consuming on these items.

Changing the number of calories you consume doesn't have to be extremely difficult. You will be surprised how small changes to the meals you cook can make a substantial difference in the calories you consume. Eat smarter and plan your meals better to lose weight.

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