Pool Moves for Toning Up

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Exercising in the pool is a great way to work out and have some fun. The water is supportive, making it easier on joints. The water also offers natural resistance, meaning even gentle movements work the body and improve muscle tone as well as burning a load of calories. Here are some easy exercises to get you started with aquatic exercise.

  1. Water Walking. This is exactly what it sounds like; take a few steps forward in the water, then a few steps back. This burns more calories than walking on land, due to the resistance of the water. Once you’re used to water walking, try stepping it up to water jogging, or alternate jogging with walking. Start with 10 steps in each direction for at least two minutes.
  2. Sidesteps. Use the pool wall to keep yourself straight. Face the wall and take small steps sideways. Take ten steps to the left, then ten to the right. Do this twice in each direction. As you get used to this, gradually increase the number of sets.
  3. Balancing. Stand on just one leg while you raise the opposite knee to hip level. Hold for 30 seconds then swap legs. Use a float or pool noodle to support the raised leg if necessary. Repeat five times on each leg. Increase the difficulty by incorporating arm raises.
  4. Pool Planks. Standard workouts often include a plank. This is where you hold your entire body on hands/arms and feet, totally straight, often for a set time like 30 seconds or a minute. It’s a challenging move, but the aquatic version is a bit gentler, whilst still being really beneficial for your core. You’ll need a pool noodle for this one. Start with your feet on the floor of the pool, holding the noodle in front of you with both hands. Push down on the noodle as you raise your body to a horizontal position. Remember not to dunk your head! See if you can hold for one minute, and gradually build up to two minutes.

Remember, always keep the water no higher than the level of your waist to ensure your feet are firmly on the pool floor. Water shoes can help prevent you from slipping. Stay hydrated. You need water inside the body as well as outside. Look out for water aerobics groups, in  Fayetteville, DeWitt, Manlius, and the Syracuse areas and take a friend, so you have company while you enjoy your pool exercises.

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