How to Start Loving Exercise: Strategies for a Happier, Healthier You

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It's no secret that exercise is good for your health. But if you've never found the motivation to get up and move, it can feel impossible to start loving exercise in a meaningful way. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make exercise a natural part of your life! Here are a few simple strategies that will help you fall in love with exercise.

Set Realistic Goals

The first step in cultivating a healthy relationship with exercise is setting realistic goals. This may mean doing less exercise than you hope to do, but don't let it get you down. Setting your expectations too high can cause you to feel discouraged and give up too soon.

Start with reasonable exercise goals you know you can reach. Something like a simple, 10-minute jog a few times a week can be more than enough to get you used to exercise. It'll be much easier to stay motivated if you pick a workout routine you can stick to.

Find an Exercise Buddy or Join a Class

Exercising with a friend can give you an extra boost of motivation and accountability.

If you don't have any friends who like to exercise, joining a class is another great option. This way, you're less likely to skip out on your workout since you have the class instructor and participants to hold you accountable. Plus, having people around you will encourage you to work harder without even realizing it.

Focus on the Positive Aspects of Working Out

Remember that exercise is good for your health! It improves your mood, reduces stress, helps you sleep better, boosts your energy levels, contributes to weight loss and so much more. Shift your focus from how difficult it is in the moment to how good it'll make you feel in the long run.

Add Some Fun into Your Workout Routine with New Activities

If exercise feels like a chore to you, then it's time to shake things up! Introduce some variety into your fitness routine to get you excited about working out. Rock climbing, dance classes, yoga and hiking are all fun, calorie-burning activities you can try.

Reward Yourself After Working Out

Rewarding yourself after exercising will give you a sense of positive reinforcement that can motivate you to exercise more. Make your reward something you can look forward to, whether that's an episode of your favorite TV show or a healthy post-workout meal. Over time, you'll start to associate exercising with feeling good.

You Can Learn to Love Exercising

Getting into a routine of exercise can be tough, but don't give up. With some patience and determination, you can make exercise an enjoyable part of your daily life. Follow these tips so you can start to love exercise and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

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