Group Specials and Award Changes

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Group Specials and Award ChangesStarting in April for a limited time we are offering a group special for patients that are on the partial program. When you purchase 4 groups you will get the 5th group free. As a reminder Dr. Scinta recommends that all Partial patients attend 1 to (preferably) 2 groups per month. Our group teachers and Dr. Scinta work very hard to make sure that the groups topics tie into your weight loss journey. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge that you need to succeed at maintaining your weight once you reach your weight loss goal. We also offer the 2 maintenance programs as additional options for all our patients.

Also starting in April we are going to be giving out awards for achieving weight loss goals of 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds and also when you achieve your goal weight! Stay tuned for more details!

One extra item that we are really excited about is going to be a permanent “Quote Board” that will be located in the conference room. Think of it as a big blank canvas waiting to be painted! We are going to ask all patients that reach their weight loss goal to write a quote that they can then put on the Quote Board with a permanent marker. We have many colors to suit your mood or your quote! We are asking that as you lose weight that you start to think about your quote. What you have learned or perhaps how groups have affected how you are going to maintain your weight moving forward. Maybe it is an inspirational thought, a special message you want to share or just a cool quote that means a lot to you!  We are really excited about this idea and can’t wait to see what picture our patients are going to paint!

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