Group Class Changes and Updates for 2016

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Group Class Changes and Updates for 2016How many times have you lost weight and gained it back? At Medical Weight Loss of NY, we are the experts at maintaining weight loss. Research has shown that working on long lasting behavioral modification is a key component to maintaining weight loss. To that end, we have enhanced our group programs for 2016 to better help you achieve long lasting results. Starting in March, Lorna (Behavioral Expert) is going to have an introductory topic for her first Monday, Tuesday and Thursday group classes. Her second group of classes later in the month, will be an advanced topic that compliments the introductory topic from earlier that month. This will provide a more enhanced overall experience for patients that want a better understanding of behavioral topics.

  • Lorna’s March 1st, 3rd and 7th Introductory groups are titled: Emotional Aspects of Eating-Addictive Behavior.
  • Lorna’s March 8th, 10th and 14th Advanced groups are titled: Self Esteem and a Positive Self Image.

The Advanced groups (3/8, 3/10 & 3/14) are also designed for our Maintenance patients because these groups will have more in depth information that you have not learned previously, but is also very important to maintenance.

We have decided to significantly upgrade our Group Classes in 2016! Our programs focus on the entire person, not just losing weight and moving on. It is critical for long term success to fully understand your individual strengths and weaknesses (behavior, nutrition, exercise, etc.)

  • Kulaa (3/17 & 3/31) is focusing on movement, posture and detox.
  • Martha (3/22, 3/24 & 3/29) is teaching energy balance, portion control and how meditation can help you lose weight.
  • Sue (3/21 & 3/28) is focusing on “Spring into Joy” which will teach you how to develop a Tool Kit for Living with Purpose-two consecutive Monday classes that again build on themselves.

We have 19 total classes in the month of March and if you click on the attached schedule link below you will see that there is something for everybody!  We understand that everyone has different problems or needs that they need to address to be successful with their individual weight loss journey. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools that you will need and classes that fit your specific concerns! Also remember that groups are open to everyone, regardless of your plan.

REMINDER: Dr. Scinta recommends attending at least one group per month minimum to help achieve lasting weight loss results.

Next month we will detail our Revised Maintenance Plans and explain how they fit into the bigger goal of maintaining weight loss for the long term!

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