The Importance of Keeping a Healthy Pantry

Importance of a Healthy PantryFilling your home with healthy foods is one of the first steps to setting yourself up for success during medical weight loss. Your home is your primary environment, and when your environment is filled with cookies, doughnuts, candy and soda, it can grow difficult to concentrate on your medical weight loss efforts.

During your OPTIFAST program, having a home clear of temptation can help you stay on track, and can help your family experience some improved health through better eating habits too.

How to Get Started

The secret to a healthy home is healthy shopping habits. Your home will only offer you what you bring into it. If you load your home with junk food, then temptation is what it will offer in return. By being healthy at the grocery store and loading your fridge and pantry with fresh produce, whole grains and lean cuts of meat, you can start planning healthy meals every night of the week.

Why does healthy shopping matter?

  • Shopping healthy means healthier foods in your home
  • Having healthy foods in your home makes cooking healthy meals every night easier
  • Eating healthier meals can provide you with more energy, improved health and even a better mood
  • When the whole family eats healthy meals, everyone can experience health benefits including weight loss.

Before you even head to the grocery store, have a long look through your pantry and clear out any foods that don’t belong. This may mean tossing junk food into the trash, or delivering unopened items to your local food shelter.

Then, review your cookbooks and make a comprehensive list of all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare healthy foods for your whole household.

Your list should feature:

  • Plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Whole grains
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Healthy snacks

When you get to the grocery store, stick to your list as closely as possible. Don’t waiver and buy anything from the impulse stands at the end of each aisle. Sticking to the perimeter of the store may also help you avoid the common add-ons, as the perimeter will feature the produce, meats and dairy.

Making healthy changes like these to your shopping habits and filling your house with plenty of healthy foods will help you and your family stay on track with healthier eating habits.