Cooking Tips to Maintain Weight Loss

Cooking Tips to Maintain Weight LossAfter reaching your weight loss goals, it can be tempting to return to old habits. Unfortunately, returning to old habits can cause weight gain and may even cause more complications with your health. Instead of following recipes that are high in calories, make a few simple changes for a healthier lifestyle that will help you maintain your weight.

Cut Calories with Low-Fat Options

Substituting the low-fat or no-fat version of a typical food is the first step in reducing fat and calories in your meals.  While ensuring that the low-fat variety isn’t hiking up sugar content, try swapping out fat-free half and half for cream or fat-free cream cheese for normal cream cheese. Swap pit two egg whites for a whole egg and grease your pans with a non-stick spray instead of pouring in oil.

Use Broth Instead of Oil

Change out oils for a vegetable or chicken broth for a simple stir fry or sautéed meal. The broth will add a slight flavor to the meal and provides some extra moisture that will help the meal cook thoroughly. It also reduces the number of calories that you are eating during the day.

Limit the Frying

Greasy and fried foods are unhealthy and high in fat content. Furthermore, they have a large number of calories that can have a negative impact on your weight loss goals or maintaining the weight that you have already lost. Broil, grill, poach, steam, sauté, or even stir-fry in preference to frying your food.

Alternatively you can try coating foods like chicken with bread crumbs, egg white, or milk and then spray it with cooking spray. Cook the food in the oven until it becomes crisp for a meal that has the flavor of fried foods without the grease or extra calories.

Avoid the Skin

Chicken skin or the skin on any other meat can be high in fat and calories. Before cooking a meal, remove the skin. It will reduce the number of calories and will help you maintain your weight loss goals.

It can be hard to make changes to your traditional recipes, but it is also an important part of ensuring that your meals are helping you maintain a healthy weight. Even though healthy meals may not have the same content of oil and fat, it can be flavorful and exciting. The key is making the changes that you can maintain.