Swimming Makes Exercising Fun — Really!

Swimming Makes Exercising FunFor many people in Central New York beginning an exercise program is an onerous task. Even though you know getting active is good for your health, finding the motivation to get started and to continue with a program of regular exercise is one of the biggest challenges men and women face when it comes to weight loss.

Why the reluctance when it comes to getting active? There are a couple of primary reasons. First, all that extra weight can make you tire easily, and even small exertions can make you breathless and uncomfortable. What’s more, your joints may be sore or even damaged as a result of bearing that extra weight. Finally, many overweight or obese people lead highly sedentary lifestyles, and that can be a habit that’s extremely difficult to break.

The key to getting active and sticking with a routine is to pick a weight loss activity you enjoy. For many people, swimming is a great choice. Swimming is fun; most people view it as a recreational activity to be enjoyed rather than an exercise workout to be dreaded. It’s also easier on the joints, which makes it a more comfortable alternative for many patients who are dealing with significant weight issues. That’s because the body is naturally buoyant; in fact, when water reaches your waist, your body is only bearing about half your natural weight, and that can provide substantial relief for sore joints. Less pain during workouts means you’re more likely to be more active and to actually look forward to exercising.

Swimming also works every major muscle group in your body, including muscles in your back, shoulders, legs, belly and butt, so you burn more calories, and water provides more resistance when you move — about 12 times as much resistance as air — so you build muscle, as well. And as a low-impact aerobic activity, swimming is also great for your cardiovascular health, which can be an important consideration for men and women who are obese.

Of course, before beginning a swimming program or any type of exercise, it’s important to be evaluated by your doctor to ensure you’re healthy enough for regular exercise. At the Medical Weight Loss Center of New York, Dr. Wendy Scinta helps patients throughout the Fayetteville and DeWitt area take control of their weight issues and their health through a comprehensive program of nutritional and exercise education and counseling.