Low Impact Activity

Low Impact ActivityLow impact activity is a form of exercise that doesn’t put a lot of excess pressure on the joints and requires minimal experience. It’s a great way to start developing a healthy and active lifestyle during your medical weight loss program, but it’s also useful as a means to give yourself time to relax while still burning calories. Getting your heart rate elevated for just twenty minutes is all that’s needed to improve cardiovascular strength, burn excess calories and lose weight.

Types of Low Impact Activity

  • Walking. Walking is the most basic of low impact activities. It doesn’t require any equipment other than a decent pair of sneakers and can be done outside or on a treadmill. Try starting off with just a fifteen minute walk every morning.
  • Swimming. Swimming has the benefit of being much more fun than the other forms of low impact activity, as well as being something you can do with your family or friends.
  • Biking. Biking is a great form of low impact activity to improve your cardiovascular health. It’s also a recommended exercise if you have difficulty standing, or just prefer to sit.
  • Light weight lifting. A set of weights can be obtained relatively cheaply at your local retail store. If you’ve never lifted weights before, start light and work your way up. You may also benefit by implementing light weight lifting with other low impact activities, such as walking.

Benefits of Low Impact Activity

There are many benefits to using low impact activity as a means of exercise during your medical weight loss program.

  • Low impact activity is much easier on the joints and muscles, so there is a reduced risk of injury.
  • Low impact activities can be performed at various levels of intensity, but even at lesser intensities, low impact activity can still provide a healthy cardiovascular workout.
  • Aerobic low impact exercises, such as biking and walking, release endorphins that can elevate your mood and have been known to improve symptoms of depression.
  • Most low impact activity can be done with headphones on, so it gives you a chance to relax and listen to music or an audiobook.