Weight Loss for Kids: Elimination Diet Week Four

Your family is now on the last week of the elimination diet. By now, your entire family should be feeling the positive effects of eating healthy foods. Remember to continue introducing fun, such as fat burning exercises to your family’s routine. Try talking a family walk after dinner.

Week Four’s goal is simple: Substitute healthier carbs.

Try these easy substitutions:

  • Substitute whole grain bread or rye bread for white bread. (If your children don’t like whole-grain bread, a white whole-grain bread is now available in supermarkets.)
  • Serve brown rice instead of white rice
  • Offer sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.
  • Try cauliflower mashed potatoes in the blender (different recipes are available online). Kids can’t tell the difference.
  • Replace refined breakfast cereals with whole-grain cereals like Total, Cheerios, and Kashi.
  • Serve whole grain or vegetable pasta instead of white pasta.

Pulling It All Together

As you work on your family’s diet and nutrition, don’t feel like you need to adhere strictly to the week-by-week timeline. If your kids resist change, you may have to eliminate problem foods more slowly. If your kids embrace certain changes, feel free to make those changes more quickly. Whether you move quickly or slowly, don’t push your children too hard. You don’t want to turn mealtime into a time of conflict.

Focus on the changes your family accepts and continue trying the others once in a while. It may take a while to completely reform your family’s eating habits. The most important aspect of your child’s weight loss diet is that the entire family changes together. A weight loss program that only involves the child is doomed to fail.