Your Weight Loss Allies

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The support of friends during medical weight loss in FayettevilleHow to start building a system of social support for medical weight loss in Fayetteville

Though The Beatles probably already told you that we get by with a little help from our friends, you may be wondering how your friends can fit into a medical weight loss plan in Fayetteville. As it turns out, all of your nearest and dearest can play a role in helping you stick to the healthy habits of medical weight loss.

Getting your friends and family on your side can make it feel like a whole army is helping you lose weight, but adding a few new friends can fill your support system even further. To take advantage of social forces during your medical weight loss program, start by:

Inviting everyone to join your team.

Many people from coworkers to roommates and even casual acquaintances can influence your exercise and diet decisions. It’s a good idea to speak with each of them about how to help (and how not to hurt) your progress during medical weight loss.

Most people who care for you will jump at the opportunity to help, but will likely not initiate their involvement in your weight loss. Losing weight is an understandably sensitive subject, so most of your friends and family members will likely wait for you to break the ice.

For those who influence your habits, especially the people you live with, it’s time to have a discussion about your program. Tell them what they can do to help (keeping more fresh fruits and veggies around the house), but also what it would be helpful for them to stop doing (baking pies and leaving them to cool on the windowsill). Encourage helpful behaviors in your friends by thanking them for what they do for you and gently ask them to change the behaviors that affect you negatively.

Drafting a few new team members.

Medical weight loss can open many doors, from smaller clothing sizes to exciting exercise opportunities. Throughout your program, you may come across friendly new faces that propel you down the path to a thinner waistline. These new friends can be valuable members of your support system as well.

Your weight loss doctor, Dr. Scinta, can be a great source of support, but other dieters can also make a difference. If you’ve attended a weight loss support group, met other patients at our weight loss center in Fayetteville or even come in contact with other weight loss hopefuls online, you can form an alliance with these people to help each other lose weight. Try setting up an exercise date or a way to contact each other for an encouraging word in times of temptation.

Of course, there are many others who can become new friends. Personal trainers, though expensive, can help you quickly improve your fitness. Nutritionists, psychologists and others can also play a vital role in your medical weight loss efforts.

No one walks through this life completely alone, and your support system should reflect this. Who has been most important during your medical weight loss program in Fayetteville? Tell us in the comments below!


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  • Deb Allen says:

    My support system has been a crucial part of my success with weight loss. As I was losing the weight, the support group at Dr. Scinta’s helped me learn strategies to help me change my approach to being healthy. I also connected online with other women in my age group. I have made many friends who understand the challenges that we all face and offer so much motivation and encouragement.We celebrate each others successes and offer encouragement when one of us is struggling.

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