Write down what you eat to lose weight

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It’s easy to start a diet, but maintaining it can be much more difficult. In order to have effective weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should consider keeping a food and fitness journal.

Kelly H. Webber, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky, said, “People who actually write down everything they eat and drink during the weight loss program are going to do better.” Researchers also discovered that dieters who are motivated by personal reasons instead of peer pressure or guilt will lose more weight, and they will be more likely to continue their weight loss if they keep a journal.

“The motivation has an impact on weight loss but the impact is really mediated by adherence to self-monitoring. If you are going to self-monitor your diet and exercise every day you are going to lose more weight.” Webber and her colleagues recently performed a study, reported in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, that studied motivation and weight loss during a 16-week weight loss program comprised of 66 women.

Once you get motivated to lose weight, even with a journal, motivation can still lag at times, especially during weeks four through eight. At this point, using initiatives to boost your motivation can be helpful. Webber suggests that a counselor or support group may be useful, but admits that some people can be successful on their own, too.

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