Why Walking is the Ultimate Exercise

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When most people imagine exercise, they think of running at the gym or sometimes even weightlifting. However, one exercise that gets overlooked is walking. Walking is a highly underrated exercise, and is often not seen as exercise at all.


Walking is exercise, though. It’s the best for many reasons, with the first being that it is free. Who doesn’t like free things? Generally, anyone can get started walking for exercise, although it’s recommended to wear appropriate shoes such as walking shoes. However, it is mostly free and open to anyone.


Another reason walking is the best is that it’s low impact. This means you are significantly less likely to suffer an injury, especially permanent injury, while walking, whereas with running, you are a lot more likely to suffer an injury such as runner’s knee. Generally with walking, suffering an injury is rare. Being low impact, it also rarely leads to wear on the joints such as the knees and ankles. Many experts agree this exercise is actually great on the joints and lubricates them.


Walking is also less stressful and painful. Often when people perform exercises like running, it can be extremely exhausting. Often times, your lungs hurt from breathing fast and heavily, your throat is dry and painful, and sometimes the joints can even hurt. With walking, you can exercise in peace. You can even meditate while doing it.


As for some other benefits according to webmd, walking also helps with keeping blood sugar in check. It tends to stabilize or even lower blood sugar and it has many health benefits, physical and mental. It is great for anxiety and stress, too. Walking helps most people control panic and anxiety attacks to some extent. So for those with mental health issues like anxiety, this form of exercise can be a game-changer and radically improve your life.


In conclusion, walking is highly beneficial and the best exercise. It helps your physical and mental health, helps your blood sugar levels stay in check, and is even free. With all that said, hopefully walking will get the credit it deserves and you can also experience the power of walking.

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