Weight Loss’s Secret Weapon: Accountability

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To Lose Weight in Syracuse, Use Your Secret Weapon: Accountability“Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed by the fire of enthusiasm.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Between family members, co-workers and even that friendly barista who makes your espresso every morning, think about how many people you interact with every day. Now imagine if each one of those friends and acquaintances knew that you are trying to lose weight. Syracuse, Fayetteville and the entire central New York area would suddenly become one long string of accountability networks to keep you on track towards your weight loss goal.

There really isn’t a ‘secret weapon’ to lose weight (sorry if we got your hopes up), but if there were, it would be accountability. When you communicate your goals you are more likely to resist the office doughnuts, order a salad at dinner and pass on the pizza when out with your friends.

Accountability: Determination over Discouragement

After announcing your plans to lose weight to all who know and care about you, you might (or might not) be shocked when a few saboteurs reveal themselves. A co-worker might smirk when you discuss your medical weight loss plans, or a caring family member might throw an “I told you so” glance when you stray from your meal replacement plan.

Instead of getting discouraged, get determined. Use those negative attitudes to your advantage as you prove them wrong and lose weight. Accountability comes in all shapes and sizes. If someone tries to defeat you along the way, then let them see your competitive side and show them that you mean business.

Luckily enough for most people, the waves of positive encouragement often outweigh the negative Nancys in our lives. Whatever type of accountability you find yourself surrounded with, figure out how you can best use it to your advantage.

Here are a few tips for communicating your goals with friends and family and letting others know how they can keep you accountable:

  • Write it down once: We live in an age of instant communication. Use that to your advantage by sending a mass email, posting a status up on Facebook or Google + or even sending out a mass text or tweet about your goals. Let others know you are starting this program and what they can do to help, like going on lunchtime walks or going to the gym with you after work.
  • Invite others to lose weight with you: Remember the old adage “there is safety in numbers”? Sometimes having a weight loss partner can be a big boost to your weight loss goals. Let your friends know about your medical weight loss program and ask around to see if anyone else is interested in doing the program with you.

Forming an accountability network as you lose weight is as easy as opening your mouth. Let everyone know what you are up to and you’ll have less opportunity to stray from your weight loss plan. When you are taking steps to improve your health there is nothing to be ashamed of, so let others know what you are up to and keep up the great work.

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