Weight Loss Goals on the Web

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Share Goals Online & With Your Weight Loss DoctorYou may have thought about sharing your goals with your friends, family or weight loss doctor in Syracuse or Fayetteville, but what about on the Web?

Accountability is a powerful motivational force that can fuel your efforts to lose weight, and the internet is an excellent place to share your weight loss goals to create a network of accountability. There are plenty of sites on the Web where you can share your personal fitness and weight loss goals, here are just a few:

Social Media Sites

You can stay accountable for weight loss by sharing your goals online with your Facebook and Twitter followers. Pick and choose who you share your goals with by keeping your closest friends and family in the loop online. If you don’t mind sharing your weight loss goals other members of your weight loss center, you can post your goals on your weight loss doctor’s Facebook page. Here, other medical weight loss members can see your goals, share their own and provide positive feedback.

Weight Loss Forums

The Internet is filled with friendly weight loss forums to share your goals in. If you feel pressured by sharing your goals with closes members of your family and friends on social media sites, weight loss forums may be a good fit for you. If you chose to, it is possible to remain anonymous when posting on forums, so you can share your goals, thoughts or general questions concerning weight loss without having to worry about who’s reading them. Forums can also serve as excellent online support systems—members tend to generously give advice and share positive feedback with their fellow members.

Goal Tracking Tools

Online goal tracking sites are great ways to track your weight loss and fitness goals by a few clicks of a button. These sites are specifically designed for you to enter your goals, create task lists and timelines for you to keep track of online daily. Some sites even let you sign in using your personal Facebook and Google accounts. Whether you want to track long or short-term goals, online goal tracking sites provide web-based solutions to staying on top of your efforts to lose weight. Here are some popular online goal trackers:

  • Achievr – This goal tracker helps you create and track SMART goals. To learn how to set SMART goals, read our blog post SMART Fitness Goals to Lose Weight.
  • Goalbot – This is a free online goal tracker that provides simple and effective goal setting tools all backed with a supportive online community.
  • MySomeday – This new web application is easy to use: you post your weight loss goals and other members of the online community will share encouraging words of advice and tips on how you can better achieve them.

Communicating your goals with others is an easy way to remain accountable and motivated for staying on track with your weight loss efforts. If you’re unsure about sharing your weight loss goals on the Web just yet, share them with your weight loss doctor in Syracuse or Fayetteville first.

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