Uplifting Ways to Welcome the Day

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Do you have a spring in your step and a smile on your face in the morning? No? Then you might be bad tempered because you don’t feel great. Perhaps tiredness and stress greet you when you wake. If so, the next twenty-four hours have gotten off to a bad start. You can change the way you begin the day, though, and learn to rise like a breath of fresh air rather than under a storm cloud.

Expect a great day ahead

People who get out of bed on the wrong side create their bad mood with negative self-talk. Thinking you’ve got a stressful day in front of you and must cope with difficulties leads to pressure. You’ll benefit from contemplating aspects of your schedule that make you happy when you rise in the morning.

If there’s nothing positive on the horizon, generate happy vibes to help you develop a positive mindset. A refreshing shower followed by your favorite breakfast might fill you with cheer. Or you might think about how you can add elements to your day that please you like listening to uplifting music on your way to work or going for lunch with friends.

You can also develop a positive mentality by setting the tone for the following day when you go to bed. Imagine events going to plan and see yourself succeeding in everything you do. You’ll feel calm, sleep well, and be content when you open your eyes in the morning.

Boost gratitude

Even if you’re busy first thing in the morning, you can silently list situations, events, and people in your life that make it special. Think of friends and family who care for you and mentors who inspire you. Consider how lucky you are and you’ll create a positive outlook.

Generate appreciation

Teach your brain to recognize rudiments of the morning you can appreciate. Birdsong, sunshine, reflections in puddles and other natural wonders can lift your mood.

Bring mindfulness into your morning too. Focus on the silky smoothness of soapy water on your skin as you shower and wear a scent or item of clothing that delights you or you associate with happy memories.

Greet the morning with positivity and your optimistic attitude will color the day. Envisage success and the odds of creating the day you want will increase. Make sure you enjoy your morning too. Recognize your blessings and appreciate being in the moment. You’ll have an upbeat outlook to help you make the most of the day.

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