Tips for a Healthier Family

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Being more active and healthy is important for everyone in your family, and getting healthier as a group is always easier than trying to do it alone. But how can you get everyone in your family on board with losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle? Check out these practical tips for getting your entire family exercising and eating well.

Tips for Family Health

  • Find fun ways to exercise. Remember that if you’re moving your body, it counts as physical activity. Think of creative ways to get moving, like doing a dance video, going for a bike ride, or rollerblading around your neighborhood.
  • Get competitive. There’s nothing wrong with a little family rivalry to get everyone excited about exercise. You can feed your competitive spirit by playing a game like basketball, or make up your own contests like using pedometers to see who takes the most steps in a day. Make up small rewards to motivate everyone to do their best.
  • Stock the kitchen with healthy snacks. Making healthy food choices is just as important as being active. It’s easier to make healthy food choices when all of your options are good! Get rid of the junk food and load up on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that the entire family can enjoy.

The first step to getting your family healthy is to set a positive example. Make sure you’re modeling behaviors that you want your children to emulate and avoid asking your spouse to make changes you’re unwilling to make yourself. When you take the first step, your family is more likely to follow.

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