Supplement Weight Loss with Social Media

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How to Use Social Media to Supplement Medical Weight LossYou probably are already aware of how popular social media is right now, but did you know you can use social media to sustain medical weight loss? Social Media sites and apps aren’t just platforms for you to post pictures and “like” posts on, these sites can be used as additional tools for weight loss.

You are who you “socialize” with

Social media sites provide you with a platform to expose yourself to thoughts and ideas of people with similar lifestyle goals as you. If you know anyone who has or is participating in a medical weight loss program in Syracuse or Fayetteville, you should add them as a friend to your social network. Friends who have or are currently partaking in a medical weight loss program are likely to post their weight loss goals and achievements, and you can be there to support them as they do.

Sometimes reading the goals of others can help you plan out your own health goals during your weight loss program. Their posts and words can also serve as inspiration for weight loss and can help you stay focused on the matter at hand. You have the ability to ask them questions or offer advice with the click of a button.

Build your own online weight loss support group

Facebook in particular is a social medical platform that offers users the option of creating their own group pages. These will allow everyone in your medical weight loss circle to see everyone’s posts and thoughts at once so everyone can benefit from each other’s advice. You can even go as far as to set specific dates and times where all of you can log in at once and hold a discussion session regarding your medical weight loss journeys.

With a group page, you have the freedom to invite as many people as you would like to join in on the discussions revolving around your weight loss. When it comes to building support, the more the merrier!

Create fun fitness events on social media sites

Facebook also allows its users to create public or private event pages where you can advertise for an upcoming party or event, list directions and event information as well as send out invites. Use this tool to create fun fitness events that your friends and family can participate in. Invite whomever you‘d like to join you on whatever fun-filled fitness activity or day of activities you can come up with. You may be surprised how many people will actually show up!

Sometimes, a little support as well as peer motivation is all that’s needed to encourage one another to keep up with your healthy lifestyles.

Take advantages of your phone’s ability to download weight loss apps

So many phones today have features where you can download fun applications and programs for millions of different interests—fitness included. Take a minute to browse through your carrier’s applications to see if any fitness or weight loss apps exist that spark your interest. Maximize the weight loss benefits of such apps with trackers, weight charts, calorie counters and exercise plans. There are even motivational applications designed to help you lose weight and stay on track. One I particularly like is “My Fitness Pal.” It is free, and very helpful to track your weight, food, and activity and trend your progress.

Are you ready to be social? Head over to the Medical Weight Loss of New York Facebook page to interact with the practice and its followers. Here you can catch up on current weight loss news, read articles containing fitness and general health advice as well as inspiring posts from other medical weight loss patients at the practice. While you’re there, remember to “like” the page so you can stay up-to-date with what’s going on at Medical Weight Loss of New York and if you’re feeling social, share your own medical weight loss inspirations—we’d love to hear from you!

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