Smile More, Get Some Shuteye

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Weight Loss Doctor or Trying to Lose Weight: We All Need Sleep When it comes to improving your health there are a lot of tips and tricks you can learn from your weight loss doctor. Fayetteville residents learn to eat healthier, control their cravings and exercise more, and start to feel the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle as a result. However, there is another aspect of good health that you cannot overlook—getting enough rest.

Better Sleep, Better Mood

Think of the last time you saw an interaction between a mother and her crying child. Maybe it was in a store, and the child started crying because she wanted a toy. The child isn’t getting her way, so she starts throwing a bit of a temper tantrum and winds up getting so enthralled in her tears that she doesn’t even remember the toy anymore. The poor mother tries doing everything she can to settle down her child, before deciding that it must be time for a nap and heading out of the store, leaving the surrounding shoppers in peace.

Children don’t cry when they are tired to let us know they want a nap. Most of the time the child doesn’t know she is in need of a nap, and sometimes kids will cry themselves to sleep because they are so upset they have to take a nap. As adults, we know that children become irritable when they are tired, and a sudden temper tantrum might be a sign that they are exhausted.

Now that we are older most of us aren’t going to start stomping our feet and throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of our office or the grocery store—as much as we might want to. Instead, we become moody and irritable. When confronted about our mood we say we are “just tired.” Well of course we are tired—no one is getting any sleep!

The average American spends more time at work than they do sleeping every day. That doesn’t include the time spent doing household chores and other activities. If you want to accomplish everything you want to do, then you need to ensure you are getting about eight hours of sleep every night, and that you are balancing your time working with time engaging in other healthy activities—like taking a walk, going for a swim or laughing with family members.

Getting Better Sleep

As you push forward with your medical weight loss program, think of improving your sleeping habits as another aspect of your health in need of a few alterations. Eating a healthier diet and engaging in regular physical activity should help you naturally feel more tired, which will encourage you to go to bed earlier and get more rest. Here are a few other tips to help you get better shuteye tonight!

  • Set a bedtime. Experts recommend sleeping from 11pm to 7am for the best results. Alter those hours to fit your schedule, but don’t cut any out!
  • Feel tired more. Let yourself feel tired and use the feeling to wind down so that you are ready for bed soon.
  • Buy yourself pajamas. Get yourself nighttime wear that you are anxious to put on when you get home, and then curl up and go to sleep!

There is a child in every one of us crying for a nap. Do yourself a favor as you are losing weight and set yourself up for success by getting a good night’s sleep.

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