Preparing Your Family for Weight Loss

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Preparing Your Family for Weight LossThe support of your family is one of the most important weapons you have in the battle to lose weight and get fit. But how do you prepare your family and help them understand the ways that you need to be supported?

Explaining your diet plan to your family is the first way to prepare them to support you. When they understand what you can and cannot eat, they will be less likely to bring foods into the home that tempt you and are outside of your diet plan.

Let them know what your exercise routine will be and the schedule you plan to keep for it. Helping them understand that you could use some extra motivation before a work out will help them to step up and support you and offer you words of encouragement. You can even ask them to join you while you exercise to keep the motivation going and foster an environment of supportiveness.

From time to time you can expect your family members to forget about your diet which is, after all, not as high a priority in their lives as it is in yours.  If you find yourself feeling unsupported in your efforts, don’t lash out as this will rarely result in a renewed effort from them. Gently reminding them that you are trying to improve your health and how much their support means to you is all that is usually required to help them remember.

It is possible that your family has other priorities and supporting you in your diet is not one of them.  This is the time to turn to a support group outside of the family that will help you reach your goal. Such groups are always available through your medical weight loss program.

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