Murphy’s Law of Medical Weight Loss

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Murphy’s Law of Medical Weight LossAccording to Murphy’s Law, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Doesn’t this sum up the weight loss process perfectly? You start out feeling ambitious and on top of the world, but as the days go by you find yourself hungry and temptations are around every corner. While you are following your medical weight loss diet everyone decides to have a birthday, throw a party or find a reason to go out and celebrate. Once you are off your OPTIFAST meal plan it seems like everything happens at once and cooking a healthy meal for you and your family suddenly feels next to impossible—and finding time to go to the gym is out of the question.

Keep Calm, Move On

Disaster strikes. You have been following your medical weight loss diet to the tee but now you are faced with a conundrum. While at a work-sponsored event you realize there is nothing to eat that meets your diet plan, and you are hungry. At first you thought you could wait, but every fleeting hunger pain makes this action more improbable. Your choices are to leave the event and upset your boss, or to have something that isn’t on your plan. Most people would make the same choice as you—and to the hors d’oeuvre table it is.

The problem comes the next day. You wake up and immediately feel upset with yourself for blowing your diet plan. Now you are confronted with two more options. You can accept that you strayed from your plan and move on, or you can dwell on it, feel defeated and give up. One of these courses of action will keep you on track; the other is going to bring you back down the road of unhealthiness. While the decision seems easy to make on paper, it is hard to tell which way to turn when you are stuck in the moment.

Being successful with your medical weight loss program takes a lot of the same skills that it takes to be successful in other areas of your life. When you are confronted with a negative situation it is imperative that you have plans set to navigate the moment and deal with the toxic emotions you are experiencing.

Here are a few tips to cope when bad things happen:

  • Say your choices out loud. When detailing the negative situation outlined above, note that there were always choices that you could make. There was a series of unfortunate situations, but by stating the choices out loud it didn’t seem that bad. Knowing your choices can help you maintain control as you lose weight.
  • Minimalize what can be minimalized. The world has never come to a screeching halt. It might feel like it sometimes, but more often than not the world will keep moving and you will need to keep moving as well. Accept what happened, objectify the situation you are in and pull it down to size so you don’t become overwhelmed by the stressors at hand.
  • Let your frustrations out. Holding your frustration in will make everything feel worse than it is. Take deep breaths, say what is frustrating you out loud and don’t dwell on anything. If you bottle your emotions up then you are going to feel the need to explode!

The story is the same for just about everyone. Know that the weight loss process is going to be difficult and plan for these woes ahead of time. If you are expecting everything that can go wrong to go wrong, then you will have a back-up plan to move forward anyways—and who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised when something finally goes your way!

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