Medical Weight Loss Isn’t All About the Scale

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Medical Weight Loss in Fayetteville Isn’t All About the ScaleAt the start of medical weight loss in Fayetteville or DeWitt, the number you see on the scale may feel incredibly important. After all, you started your program because you wanted to lose weight, and that number can seem like the most surefire measure of your success. But in reality, the scale tells you very little about the progress you’re making and all the big steps you’re taking every day to improve your health and lifestyle.

Your body weight doesn’t say much about your overall health, and its fluctuations can be more frustrating than encouraging. Many people have high expectations of the weight they’ll lose during medical weight loss, but the scale might not change much day to day.

Because regular check-ups will ensure that your weight loss progress stays on track, it isn’t always a necessity to weigh yourself at home. Besides, no matter what the scale says, your weight loss program is helping you improve your fitness, eat better and create a healthier future, and these are things to celebrate. As you stay focused on medical weight loss, it will help to give more credence to the other important measures of your success, including:

Physical Improvements

Even if you don’t notice a dramatic difference in your overall weight, you might notice some changes in your physical abilities. Eating right and exercising regularly will start to make big improvements in your energy levels, flexibility, strength, stamina and balance. When you notice simple tasks like cleaning the house or mowing the lawn becoming easier, take note—this is evidence that your healthy habits are doing the trick.

Mental Improvements

Living with excess weight can be draining, as can the bad habits that you’re starting to leave behind during medical weight loss. Now that your healthier new lifestyle has put you on the right track, start embracing the confidence and self-esteem your life may have been lacking before. As your physical health improves, you may also notice your mood and attitude becoming more positive, regardless of what the scale says.

Compliments from Others

Because we see ourselves every day, it’s sometimes difficult to notice the gradual changes in our bodies, but others will see them clear as day. When someone tells you how great you look, accept these compliments as evidence that your habits are making a big difference.

The scale may seem like your best friend during medical weight loss in Fayetteville or DeWitt, but it can quickly become an enemy. Don’t let the scale discourage you—keep these other markers of your progress in mind and keep moving forward towards your goals.

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