Keeping Chronic Anxiety Under Control

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Keeping Chronic Anxiety Under ControlWhen you are trying to reach weight loss goals, managing your stress and anxiety can be an essential part of reaching them. Chronic anxiety can contribute to weight gain, and it can cause other health concerns when it persists for an extended period of time.

Why Anxiety Causes Weight Gain

There are three main ways that anxiety can cause weight gain: it produces the stress hormone cortisol, it may contribute to over-eating, or it may reduce the amount of physical exercise that an individual engages in throughout the day. Although weight gain can be a symptom of anxiety, it is not always the reason that an individual may gain weight.

Anxiety has a very complicated impact on the body. Weight gain can be related to the emotional state of mind, but it is not always the primary factor that has caused you or a loved one to gain weight.

Increase Physical Activity

If your anxiety is debilitating, it is likely that counselling is the fastest solution to finding long-term control.  However, if you are like most of us and just suffer the chronic anxiety that goes with modern life you may be surprised how beneficial a little added activity can be.

Whether anxiety has caused weight gain or it is a problem that occurred after you have gained weight, it is important to increase your physical activity. Physical fitness and exercise programs can help you reduce your weight and can reduce the feelings of stress that are related to anxiety.

The stress hormone, cortisol, is released when an individual has a fight-or-flight response to a situation. In the case of anxiety, there may not be obvious reasons for the emotions that arise. Stress hormones can persist if they are not managed, which can contribute to excessive eating or exhaustion that makes it hard to exercise. By engaging in physical fitness programs, the stress hormone is reduced, and it is possible to start losing weight.

Feeling anxious or worried can cause a variety of concerns, especially when it relates to your weight loss goals. Fortunately, it is possible to control anxiety and lose weight by exercising regularly and following a careful diet plan.

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