Inspiring Thoughts for Inspired Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss Gets Inspired  Simply joining a medical weight loss program isn’t enough. To lose weight in Fayetteville and Syracuse, you need to want change, be ready for change and be willing to make those changes. While your medical weight loss plan can get you started putting the right foot forward, making those changes ultimately falls to you.

When it comes time to make changes in your life, a lot comes down to motivation and inspiration. Sure, improving your health and reaching your weight loss goals are both great motivators, but for inspiration you might need to look a little bit deeper.

This summer is a great time to find inspiration. Right now, athletes from around the world are gearing up for the Olympic Games. Before they even get to walk in the opening ceremonies these athletes need to compete their socks off to win a spot on the team. In order to get to that level, a majority of the athletes train and follow strict dietary plans that most of us couldn’t dream of obeying.

Instead of just cheering on our Athletes this summer, we can take a step back and learn some valuable pointers in how to get inspired and reach our goals.

Olympian Thoughts for Success

While it may come as a shock to some of us, not all athletes followed a straight path to Olympic stardom. A lot of very talented athletes have experienced major setbacks in the form of dietary problems, health concerns and injuries. However, what separates the Olympian from the fan is the ability to get up and keep pushing forward.

You might not have the chance to talk to an Olympian every time you are debating whether or not to go for your evening walk, but luckily enough a lot of athletes have stepped forward and shared personal tips that keep them going.

Here are a few inspirational thoughts that work for the Olympians; maybe they’ll work for you, too:

  • “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!” If this quote sounds distantly familiar, that is because it is by the one and only Dr. Suess. Yet, this is the phrase that Olympic Javelin thrower Kara Patterson tries to live by. Despite experiencing a major back injury in 2007, Kara represented the U.S in the 2008 Olympics and is returning to the field later this summer as she will attempt to take a medal home from London.
  • “You will change when the pain to remain the same hurts more than the pain to change.” This wise quote comes from track-and-field star Crystal Manning. The athlete has personal experience with making changes, as she talks openly about the poor eating habits that held her back from being the athlete she is today. Crystal had to help her own mother battle with dietary problems, too, after she was diagnosed with diabetes as a result of her weight, but with her daughters help and a lot of motivation both mother and daughter are incredibly healthy now. Crystal says it took her a couple years to get used to following healthy habits, but now she is gearing up to compete in the summer Olympics next month.

Everyone is different. What works to motivate some people doesn’t work for others. Let us know in a comment below if you have a quote that gets you going. Maybe it will help someone else, too!

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