How to Break Up with Anxiety

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Are you in a chronic relationship with anxiety? Frequent bouts can cause depression and exhaustion. If stress zaps your energy and demolishes your wellbeing, it’s time to break up with it. Here’s how to axe anxiety and change how you relate to stress.


Change where you focus

If you want to break up with a person, you avoid them because contact fortifies intimacy. The same is true when you’re sick of worries. Be less interested in them. Switch your point of focus rather than feed concerns with attention.


Have clear boundaries

You wouldn’t let someone you dislike stay in your home, so don’t live with anxiety either. Create a safe, calm haven away from strain and problems.

Think about what you do at home that increases distress, and show it the door. You need not answer the phone to people who upset you, for instance, or take part in activities that make you unhappy.

Also, if worrying before you go to bed gives you insomnia, keep a journal. Log troubles last thing at night. You’ll manage stress faster if you take it out of your head and put it into words. Once they are on the page, you can put them to rest until morning. Writing about stressful events might help you recognize and avoid anxiety triggers too.


Replace stress with calm

Replace anxiety to ease stress. The opposite of agitation is calm, so encourage tranquility. Engage in self-care. Take a comforting bath and add a few drops of essential oils, or talk with friends who make you laugh, get creative, and do things you love yet often overlook.


Re-purpose your relationship

You don’t want a painful relationship with stress. Used well, it could transform into a friend. Stress signals that you need to increase wellbeing. Take action when it appears and don’t let anxiety grow. If you note unease looming, consider its origin.

Recognize there’s a need to fulfill. Worries will disappear once the requirement is met. You may need to increase ‘me time’ and take a gentle walk daily to ease strain, for instance. Use stress to show you when to improve life. You’ll see it as a pal rather than an incompatible partner.


If stress hurts you, it’s time to break up with it in the form you currently recognize and make it a helpful friend. Replace anxiety with calm and don’t let it grow into something unmanageable.

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