How Swap Frustration for a Calm Mindset

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You might think nothing much frustrates you, but you face multiple opportunities for irritation each day. People, technology, and even your pets may be sources of annoyance. Frustration makes you stressed, but you can feel happier by managing disappointment better. Follow these tips to do just that.

Why you get frustrated

You could be resentful when plans go awry or people don’t behave as you think they should. If your computer updates at an untimely moment, you might feel exasperated. Or, if you’re kept waiting for an appointment, you may think life’s unfair. You get angry because reality doesn’t match your expectations.

Frustration often follows anxiety too. If you’re tense, new stressors increase your unease. You want everything to run smoothly so you feel better. When your mindset is positive, though, you deal with setbacks well; they don’t seem so significant.

Change how you look at events

Frustration is non-acceptance of what happens. When you accept what occurs, knowing it’s not your job to change it, pressure lifts. There’s no need to feel annoyed if you let events unfurl by themselves. So what if people don’t behave in ways you like?

When you feel let down, and that’s why you’re frustrated, you can hold a grudge and worry until you are ill. Or, you can control the only thing you’re in charge of, which is you.


Manage your emotional and physical state before opportunities for irritation occur. To reduce stress, make sure you get between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. Also, eat a healthy diet to calm your nerves and exercise; even walking will increase happy hormones.

Hobbies like yoga, meditating, and listening to calm music can keep your emotions balanced. Similarly, care for yourself. Take a scented bath or massage your feet, for example, to ease anxiety. Your positive mood will stop you seething when you meet challenges.

You might get frustrated now and then, but you need not face constant annoyance. Look at unexpected events with curiosity. When challenges arise, ensure you are ready; manage your emotional well-being. Also, take care of your physical needs to increase your ability to cope.

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