Happy Fall Everyone!

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I heard a great quote recently that goes like this:

“Your career is what you’re paid for, your calling is what you’re made for.”

A funny story about the gentleman who uttered this quote. In August of this year, Steve Harvey was delivering his final stand up routine of a 27 year career. Born in Welch West Virginia, the son of a coal miner, Harvey grew up very poor. He worked his way up through the ranks with a stand- up comedy routine that started in local clubs in Ohio, and eventually became a national sensation- touring as part of the Kings of Comedy with Cedric the Entertainer, D.L Hughley and Bernie Mac. Harvey went on to star in movies and T.V. shows, wrote some famous books about relationships including, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man” and “Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Man.” He continues to have a very successful morning radio show while simultaneously hosting “The Family Feud.”

As he closed his farewell talk, Mr. Harvey said:

“God has given me a life far beyond anything I ever dreamed about….God is something else man. I would hate to die, and never do the thing I was born to do. Thank you (for letting me do that).”

So why do I share this story with you? First of all, what he said in those three lines sum up how I feel about my life, and my passion for what I do- to help you get and stay healthy. In living my dream, and what I feel is my calling, I hope to help you achieve your dreams, and fulfill your vision of how you want to live this life- in essence, to do what you were born to do.

The other reason I share this story is because our paths have crossed in a very interesting (and quite surprising) way. Many of you by now know that I received a phone call two weeks ago from the producer of the new Steve Harvey Show (the reason Mr. Harvey was leaving stand-up in the first place.) I was asked to be interviewed about my opinion on three different diets, and discuss the pros and cons of each. Before I knew it, I was whisked away on a plane, followed by a limo ride to the NBC studios in Chicago where I was given my own green room (say what?!), hair, makeup WITH false eyelashes (a little distracting but quite fun to bat) and a freshly pressed red suit. As I was up on stage, I looked around at the cameras, the audience and Mr. Harvey and thought to myself, “How on earth did I end up here?!”

The show will air Wednesday, October 10th on NBC in most areas (in Syracuse it is on CW, channel 6 and Hi-Definition Channel 866 for Time Warner Cable customers, at 10am). We will film again at the end of the month to see how each of the contestants on the 3 diets have done. If you get a chance- tune in and let me know what you think! And if any of you out there aren’t camera shy and want to share your journey on national television, let me know. They are already asking about more story ideas.

Dr. Scinta


8 Responses to “Happy Fall Everyone!”
  • lisa fitzpatrick says:

    way cool!!! i’m watching.

  • Cindy says:

    That is so awesome, Doc! Did you ever in a million years imagine that your life would lead you to a television show?? Very cool.

    – Cin

  • Lindsey says:

    Umm…did you think that maybe your staff wanted to know when it was airing before the day before (thank god its my day off :)..we have only asked everyday for the past week lol. Cant wait to see it!!!You have worked your ass for every great thing that has come your way. You are one of the most passionate people I know about their job. Anybody who is lucky enough to know you in any way is lucky. I am so thankful that I landed a job here…I could not have a better boss (including Bryan 🙂

  • Sandra Holmes says:

    I will definitey watch the show, I tape it daily and watch it in the evening with my husband.

  • Tracy says:

    You have been a shining star for so many, now it is official! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Lori Kramer says:

    I’m watching and recording! So cool and Glamour Girl!

    I am not camera shy, sign me up for your next TV deal! I need some extra motivation!

  • Darlene Haflett says:

    Wonderful News and hope there is a video link to it – so we can all catch the show!
    Agree with Lindsey; Dr Scinta is the most passionate person we both know, this specialty IS Her Calling !
    I am so happy to be the recipient of your Medical Program & Team with Services that really work during my past year or so! I previously went thru numerous diet programs, several Dr’s, 2 Endocrinologists, even looked into gastric bypass & was within 2 lbs of co-morbid range, for surgery/Ins. approval, with my then illness-es, which have now nearly resolved. You were my last resort before surgery. It has been 22 years since I have weighed less than 150 and only have about 10 lbs of pregnancy fat left, to go!
    Thank you Dr Scinta & Staff

  • Sam says:

    Doc- I am so proud of you superstar! You have thrived throughout the years in so many ways. Its one of the best feelings to be able to enlighten people and share your passion on this growing epidemic. Keep up the great work! 😀

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