Four Simple Ways to Relax and Reduce Stress

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How do you relax and let go of stress? If you aren’t busy with work or a household chore, you might drink wine or watch a movie. Nonetheless, you can’t always put your feet up when anxiety strikes. Sometimes, you may be at work or driving through a tangle of traffic. On such occasions anxiety builds. Without pressure relief, all stress can do is multiply. What you need are fast ways to relax in any situation. Make these five changes to induce instant relaxation as a habit, and stress won’t escalate.


Take a breather

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “take a breather” originates? Most likely, it comes from the idea that your breath influences your emotions. If you take time out for deep breaths, the physical and emotional signs of anxiety decrease. Focus on the act of breathing when stress arises and inhale and exhale slowly until you feel better.


Slow down

You may have noticed when you’re stressed, you rush. Your hurried and often jerky movements are due to being hyper-alert. When in stress-mode, your ability to focus increases; it’s nature’s way of helping you deal with situations in which you need to fight or escape. Most stressful encounters, though, don’t require you to fight or run for your life, and concentrating on problems doesn’t serve you.

All you need do is slow your physical movements to make your body relax a little. As your body slows, and your brain receives the signal you don’t have to be hyper-vigilant, your emotions will improve and you’ll grow calm.


Focus on what works

Some thoughts help while others hinder your mood. When you hold negative thoughts, your stress level rises. Luckily, thinking about happy, or even neutral topics can improve your state of mind. Most stressful thoughts are about situations that aren’t working for you. Hence, you might contemplate a lack of money or how you dislike your employer’s attitude.

Change your focus to what works for you in your life and you will adopt a positive attitude. You’ll relax because you stop feeling as though you’re under a dark, heavy cloud.



Much of the time, you’re stressed because you are attached to negativity. Maybe you join in with a negative conversation that irks you or fume after a car cuts in front of yours while driving. Detach your emotions, so you no longer care about the situation, and stress will melt.

Detachment comes when you separate your feelings from what happens. Recognize your happiness need not depend on a particular outcome. So what if your boss is in a foul mood or the driver in front of you is thoughtless? Getting upset causes your well-being to subside, but if you decide not to let anyone spoil your day, you can relax.


You already know how to relax when you have time on your hands, but might not realize you can let go of stress when you’re busy. Use the four methods mentioned and you can enjoy a calm mindset, no matter the challenges you face.

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