Five Tips for Finding a Workout Buddy

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One of the most important aspects of exercise is consistency. It’s more important that you exercise multiple times per week than what type of exercise you do. And the best way to stay consistent is to have a workout buddy that can keep you accountable to showing up week after week. A workout buddy can also push you to work out harder, introduce you to new exercises, and make working out more enjoyable thanks to the social aspect of exercising with a friend. Here are five tips to help you find a workout buddy.


  1. Ask a Friend

The first place to start is by asking your friends. Chances are, someone else is also looking for a workout buddy and have someone to be accountable to. Perhaps you have a friend who already works out consistently and you can join them at the gym. If they’re already going consistently, you automatically have someone to be accountable to knowing they will definitely show up. A friend who is looking to start a new exercise program can be motivational to work out in the beginning and then you have each other to stay on track. Working out with someone you know already also make you feel more comfortable in the gym.


  1. Ask Your Colleagues

If you don’t have any friends who can workout on the same schedule as you, try asking around at work. Starting a lunchtime workout at the gym could lead to multiple workout buddies. Seeing your workout buddy every day at work also means they’ll keep you accountable to going to the gym as you can’t avoid their calls or texts if their office is next to yours.


  1. Approach Someone at Your Gym

Do you already go to the gym but looking for someone to keep you more accountable? Many people tend to stick to the same schedule and go to the gym on the same days at the same time. By going to the gym at the same day and time, you may begin to recognize the people that go to the gym at the same time as you. Start a conversation with one of these people and as you get to know them, you’ll start to feel more accountable to showing up each week. Not sure where to start? Break the ice with a question about an exercise they are doing.


  1. Sign up for a class

Signing up for an exercise class is a good way to meet like-minded people. It will give you an opportunity to get to know more people at the gym. As the class gets closer to the end, strike up a conversation with some of the people you’ve gotten to know and see if they want to keep working out with you outside of the class. Before you know it, you’ll have another workout buddy.


  1. Ask your Trainer

If you have a personal trainer, ask them if they have other clients they think might make a good workout buddy. They know your fitness level and style and would be a good judge of who would make a good fit for you. As well, your trainer could create a workout plan for both you and your new workout buddy that you can do together.


These five suggestions are a great place to start to find a workout buddy. Exercise and staying healthy is easier when you have a friend to accompany you. Exercise is a life-long commitment, so finding someone you enjoy working out with makes it that much easier to stay consistent and keep exercising.

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