Finding Your Control

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Finding Your ControlIt isn’t always easy to put mind over matter. There are certain feelings and events that can really derail even the most positive of attitudes. Hunger is one of those feelings, as is fatigue. If all of the stress and hubbub that fills your regular life went on sabbatical during your medical weight loss program, it would be a lot easier to focus on your health and wellness goals. This isn’t what happens. Instead, Fayetteville, NY, will continue to be the same place you know and love, and that means that as you are focusing on losing weight, you will also be dealing with work stress, family woes, and plenty of other events that will leave you tired at the end of the day.

When life doesn’t back off, it is easy to find an excuse as to why you didn’t meet your daily goal, whether that means you didn’t exercise like you planned or maybe you broke away from your medical weight loss diet. Excuses are always easy to come by, but motivation and dedication aren’t as simple to find.

The Secret behind Positive Weight Loss Results: Positivity

There has been a lot of research in the past about the most successful ways people will lose weight, and what works best at helping people keep weight off long term. One of the most resounding elements of successful weight loss is the ability to maintain a positive attitude. People who are able to shift their frame of mind into a more helpful and inspiring place have an easier time coping with obstacles that could trip them up along the way. One study in particular, completed in the UK in 2014, found that “fat shaming,” the practice of discriminating against overweight people and using negativity to push individuals into weight loss programs, is actually a detractor from weight loss success. That’s right: being negative hurts weight loss. So if you want to get healthy and lose weight, it really does pay to be positive.

Here is the thing so many people overlook when they start a new diet plan: what you are physically able to eat doesn’t change—all that changes is your willingness to eat it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a switch in our brains we can flip that says “OK, I no longer crave sweets,” or “that salty fast food meal doesn’t look appetizing anymore.” If weight loss worked like that it wouldn’t be so difficult. Food cravings are as old as time, and deciding that you are going to lose weight and cut out certain items from your diet doesn’t make them any less enticing.

You are the only one putting food in your mouth, so the bottom line is that you are in control. The medical weight loss diet is in place to help you make proper choices, but it isn’t physically making the choices for you. While Dr. Scinta  can assist by pointing you in the right direction she isn’t going to be with you every moment you experience a temptation. At the end of the day you are the only one in control, and it is up to you to stay empowered and make the right choices.

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