Finding Motivation for Diet and Exercise

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Many of us generate plenty of enthusiasm for a new diet and exercise program when we are beginning. After a while, however, maintaining your motivation can be challenging. Here are a few steps to increase your motivation to stick to your weight loss goals.

Find a Workout or Diet Companion

Tackling your fitness or weight loss goals with a friend always makes it easier to stick to the program. Plan exercise excursions around the Syracuse area or work on healthy food ideas together. A companion will keep you moving on days where you would rather skip out.

Focus on the Positives

Consider planning positive rewards to go with your goals. This works well for both eating and exercise. Positive thoughts and reinforcement after making healthy food choices or getting in an exercise session can have a significant impact on your motivation.

Add Variety to Your Routines

Do not force yourself to do exercises you detest. Experiment with other options that get you excited about working out. The same goes for your diet. While you may need to stick to specific foods to be successful, especially on a medical weight loss plan, varying your diet will make a big impact on your motivation.

Take a Close Look

Look in your mirror and consider how happy you are with what you see. If you are not satisfied, remind yourself of your goals to reinforce your determination to make healthy changes. If you are happy with your reflection, be proud of what you have accomplished!

There are many reasons to change your exercise and diet habits. Improving your health and feeling better are key reasons for working on weight loss, but keeping your motivation high can be challenging. Incorporate these simple ways to reinforce your goals to keep yourself on track and ready for success.


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  • Deb Ramsey-Burns says:

    I want to Thank the Staff, Dr. Scinta & Sheila,for being vey nice, it makes things go much easier. Everyone have always very,very helpful for any difficulty I may be having. I really enjoy seeing everyone. The program has been wonderful, you make changing my lifestyle easier than what I though it would be. I never thought I could do it as this age thing creeps up on us, but you had confidence in me & told me that I could & I have.

    This program is absolutly wonderful.

    Thanks for all the support and for being so wonderful, it makes things much easier.


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