Can’t Lose Weight? Here Are 5 Reasons

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Are you desperate to lose weight, but can’t drop it no matter how hard you try? The chances are you’re guilty of one or more of the five typical mistakes people make who find losing weight hard. Identify the common causes of difficulty shedding extra weight, and you’ll drop pounds and inches fast.


Misjudging calories in food

Do you know how many calories are in the foods and drinks you consume? No doubt, you’re aware some meals and snacks are more calorific than others, but you may not be knowledgeable enough about calorie counting to do a thorough job. Use an online calorie counter or buy a book that provides the information you need. Alternatively, join a weight loss group and share information about the least calorific, yet healthy foods to eat.


Eating between main meals

If you’re accustomed to eating between meals, you’ll think nothing of snacking on crisps and biscuits when you’re not hungry. Mindless munching is a habit, but you can break it. Stick to breakfast, lunch, and dinner and quit eating at other times. As a result, losing weight will be less of a battle.


Using food as a reward

Like many people who can’t lose weight easily, you may enjoy eating as a reward. If you reach for a sweet or savory treat when you’ve had a hard day, or just because you think you deserve it, you’re using unhealthy food for emotional reasons rather than to fuel your body. Think of healthier ways to improve your mood when you’re down. Go for a run, for instance, or settle down and watch a funny movie instead of overeating.


Dining at bedtime

Eat close to the time you go to bed, and you’re likely to put on weight. The calories you consume will remain in your system and wind up being stored as fat. As a habit, eat earlier in the evening so you have time to burn off energy and you’ll stand a better chance of being slim and healthy.


Social eating

While there’s nothing wrong with dining with friends and family, overindulging because you have company is unhelpful when you want to lose weight. Other people will sometimes make poor food choices, but you need not copy them. Stay strong and stick to your weight loss goals, even when others tuck into food goodies in front of you. After a little practice, not joining in will become easy and you’ll rightfully feel smug about your healthy behavior.


You might find losing weight difficult, but don’t worry. Your lack of positive results from dieting has a cause. Refrain from the behaviors mentioned, and you will achieve your goal to lose weight.

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