Boost Your Mood and Boost Your Energy

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For medical weight loss, boost your mood and your energy Energy can be the key to happiness for some patients of medical weight loss in Fayetteville and Syracuse. With energy we find the motivation to do the things that make us happy in order to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Energy also provides us with that extra boost we may need on lazy days to get out of the house and go for a walk or exercise to maintain our weight loss efforts.

To maintain long-term energy, most experts suggest that you make sure you’re getting adequate sleep as well as daily exercise. Sometimes this just isn’t enough to give us that middle-of-the-day energy we often need to keep moving. Without sustained energy, it’s hard to stay motivated and on track with our goals to lose weight, but there are ways we can give ourselves a mid-day energy boost when we need it most.

Develop strategies to make your energy levels higher with these healthy tips.

Feeling tired? Get out of the dim-lit house and head outside for some sunlight. Light deprivation is a not-so-obvious reason for feeling tired and research suggests that light can stimulate your brain and improve your mood. If you’re mostly tired in the morning, wake yourself up by getting some sunlight first thing in the morning before it gets too hot out. If it happens to be a cloudy day in Syracuse, light therapy (such as used for Seasonal Affective Disorder) can be very helpful. Many varieties exist and can be found in stores or online.

Have you walked today? If you’re feeling a little bit tense or lazy, go for a brisk walk. Studies show even a 10 minute walk has the ability to increase your energy levels and decrease tension. What’s more, a brisk walk is a great way to burn off some calories for enhanced weight loss success. You will return with a new perspective and outlook as well.

Are you actually tired or just think so because you’re lying down? Often we feel the way we feel because of what we are doing and not the other way around. So if you’re spending the day lazing on the couch, you’re more likely to feel less energetic. Switch this around and trick yourself into feeling energized by getting up and moving around. If you’re on the phone, pace quickly back and forth while speaking with enthusiasm. This just might give you the energy boost you needed to get off the couch and into a healthier state of mind.

What are you listening to: the air-conditioning, the TV, episodes on your laptop? Get up and turn on some of your favorite music instead. Listening to stimulating music can give anyone an instant energy lift. Listening to up-beat music is also a great way to stay motivated during exercise. If you feel yourself slowing down while you jog, turn up the tunes to rev your energy level back up and keep going!

Who are you with? Are you with your friend that loves to sit around and gossip while eating snacks on the couch or are you with your more energetic friend that loves to be outside and is always on the go? Spending time with people that are more energetic can eventually rub off on you. Having an up-beat friend also helps you stay motivated when working towards your weight loss goals. If you are with your family, be the one to get everyone up and moving. Take them outside and shoot some hoops or go for a walk. Laziness spreads, but so can energy!

If you’re feeling a little bit lethargic, boost your mood and your energy level by trying some of these above tricks. Increased energy can lead to more motivation for exercise which in return can help you lose weight and feel healthy.

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