Avoid Tiredness With These Diet Tips

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Tiredness and lethargy can really put a downer on your day. If you want to gain the most energy out of your diet, it’s not just about the types of food you eat, it’s about how you manage your diet throughout the day. Here are some tips which will help you stay energized and productive in your daily activities.


Stay Hydrated.

Water is the stuff of life. Our bodies require it for a multitude of biological processes, from digestion to maintaining healthy brain function. Staying hydrated will help your body function at peak levels and stop you from feeling tired throughout the day.


Avoid Too Much Caffeine.

Tea, coffee, energy drinks, soda – all these contain caffeine, which is a quick energy fix. However, drinking caffeine-filled drinks later in the day can actually have the opposite effect, making you feel tired instead of more alert. Therefore, limit your intake of caffeine and keep it to the morning. Drink water, fruit juice, or caffeine-free options like decaffeinated coffee and tea later in the day.


Consume “Good” Carbohydrates.

Try to avoid too many empty carbs as these can lead to a “crash” and a decrease in stamina. Whilst they provide a short-term rush of energy, the body responds quickly by releasing insulin into the bloodstream, removing the accumulated blood sugar rapidly into your muscles, liver, and other organs. This sudden drop in blood sugar level is known as hypoglycaemia and leads to increased feelings of tiredness.

To combat this, consume “good” complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta and bread, which release their energy slowly throughout the day. This will keep you full and fueled for longer.


Avoid Skipping Meals.

Consuming regular meals allows the body to regulate blood sugar and energy levels effectively throughout the day. Skipping meals leads to a dip in both of these that can lead to the compulsion to overeat later on, which can disrupt the body’s regulation systems and cause increased levels of sluggishness and tiredness. Therefore, make sure you eat a decent-sized breakfast, a lighter lunch, and a nutritious, but not overly heavy, dinner.


Follow a Balanced Diet.

Following a balanced diet is essential for many reasons, as it gives us the nutrient balance our body needs. Avoid overly processed foods and “junk” food as these can increase lethargic feelings. Instead, opt for a balanced mix of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins such as fish and white meats, oats, bananas, etc. If you can’t get as balanced a diet as is recommended, try to take vitamin and mineral supplements.


Avoiding tiredness is hard sometimes, especially if you have taxed yourself too much during the day. However, with the dietary tips set out in this article, you should be able to gain a much-needed energy boost throughout your day. However, feeling tired all the time could be a sign of something wrong with your health, so if you are concerned you should see your doctor or a health professional.

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