5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Noticing

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Weight loss follows the simple principle of “Calories in, calories out”, meaning that as long as you burn more calories than you ingest, you will lose weight. Bodies already burn calories just by breathing and moving about daily, but to speed up the weight loss process, people need to exercise. Most people associate burning calories and exercise with strenuous activities, which are turn-offs. If you too consider exercise a burden, perhaps this article can change your mind. Here are five ways to burn calories, without even thinking about doing it.


Make traveling fun. 

If you find yourself traveling long distances daily, why not replace your car with a bike? Not only is biking a great calorie burner, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly activity, and, most importantly, fun. If bikes are not your thing, you could always turn to alternatives, such as skateboards. Of course, biking or skating to work will be more tiring than driving, but it’s definitely more fun, and you will, in time, build a resistance to it, as well as improve your overall fitness.


In need of a new hobby? Try a sport. 

Getting a workout isn’t something that can only happen in a gym. If you find yourself needing a new hobby, why not look into trying out a new sport? Whether you enjoy team sports or solo sports, they are great ways of losing weight while having fun. Once you think of a sport you’d like to practice, look into local clubs for that sport. Odds are they are always looking for new members, and most sporting communities are very welcoming to newcomers.


Try out a workout video game. 

Ever since the Nintendo Wii became a household name back in the 2000s, there has been no shortage of active video games, meant to make players get off their couches and get moving. While for the first part of the 2010s these games required special peripherals, nowadays they either use the console controllers (in the case of the Nintendo Switch, which has motion controls), or your smartphone. Games such as Just Dance, Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing are meant to entertain you while distracting you from the fatigue.


Rediscover the fun of taking a walk.

When was the last time you walked just for the sake of it? Walking is not only a great way to unwind after a stressful day, but also a good workout. To make each walk even better, you could try taking your dog along, or taking a pair of earbuds to have something to listen to. If walks bore you, you could always try downloading a walking game app, such as Pokemon Go or Ingress.


Ditch the couch for an elliptical.

Perhaps the most efficient way to burn calories while entertaining yourself is to place yourself in front of the television or computer and start consuming your favorite media, as you normally would. However, instead of sitting on the couch, you pedal on the elliptical. You won’t even notice the elliptical after a few minutes of your favorite TV show. Instead, your mind will think about the action happening on the screen.


Calorie burning doesn’t have to be a burden. By following the activities in this article, you can have fun while getting fit, and burn a lot of calories as well. Just remember that your diet plays an important part in weight loss, so don’t go binge eating just because you are more active.

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