5 Mental Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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The most important aspect of creating a weight loss plan is to create lasting behavioral changes. This includes changing your diet to include more healthy whole foods, while also including more physical activity and stretches into your daily routine.

  1. Don’t Be Too Strict – Jumping on board with keto, fruitarianism, or gluten free could help you lose weight quickly, but it may not be sustainable. It is best to take smaller steps in the direction of your healthy diet, so you are less likely to revert back to old eating or habits.
  1. Use Measurable and Achievable Goals – 10 minutes of exercise every morning is an example. This is a very short amount of time that anyone can fit into their day. If you are able to make this 10 minute exercise a habit, you will be able to scale up. Exercise improves your mental health and decreases depression. It gives you endorphins that make you feel good. By committing to 10 minutes a day to start, you will feel good from the endorphins. You will want to push yourself a little further when you realize how good it makes you feel.
  1. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself! If you go on a binge or eat something that doesn’t fall into your dietary guidelines, that doesn’t mean you have failed. You have succeeded leading up to that moment. A negative mentality leads you down the path of binging more, because you determined you have failed and will continue to fail. A positive mentality knows that diet is an ongoing choice. If you feel that you failed today, it doesn’t mean you will fail every day. Even the best sports teams lose some of the time.
  1. Find Delicious, Healthy Food – People usually think of dieting as restrictive, because it involves limiting or eliminating certain types of food. Change your mentality on this by trying new healthy foods and recipes to find something you like. When you can eat something that is delicious and feel energized afterward, you will no longer envision your diet as restrictive.
  1. Stay Strong – Remember that the hardest part of a diet and exercise routine is the first few days. Think positively while you exercise and eat healthy. You may use a mantra. This salad is going to fill me up and give me energy. This run is going to make me feel lighter, happier and more confident today. Doing this helps to reinforce the benefits you will receive from following through on your actions.

More than two-thirds of American adults are overweight. Many people try diets and can’t follow through to reach their health and fitness goals. Most of the difficulty comes from a negative mentality of limiting yourself, rather than a mentality of empowering yourself. Eating healthy and exercising relieves anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression can cause you to seek comfort in unhealthy choices. Stay focused on your goal and find the positive mindset to keep yourself on track.

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