Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There is a lot of pressure in today’s world to spend all of our time working. Being “owned” by your boss might make you look like a good employee, but it is not healthy (or productive), especially if you spend all of that time sitting. [Read more]

Pool Moves for Toning Up

Exercising in the pool is a great way to work out and have some fun. The water is supportive, making it easier on joints. The water also offers natural resistance, meaning even gentle movements work the body and improve muscle tone as well as burning a load of calories. Here are some easy exercises to get you started with aquatic exercise.   [Read more]

Take a Stand: 4 Simple Ways to Add Movement to Your Day

Modern life feels like it’s moving at an ever-faster pace, but a lot of it is spent not moving much at all. We spend too much time sitting – whether it’s at our desks, in our cars, or on the couch. Studies show that this lack of movement isn’t healthy; it’s associated with weight gain, lack of energy, back pain, and even decreased life spans. [Read more]

Why Do You Find It So Hard to Workout?

Do you find that going to the gym is a time that you dread each day? Perhaps you do like the idea of starting a new exercise routine, but your enthusiasm doesn’t stick to the end of the week. [Read more]

7 Reasons Why You Should Work Out on a Rowing Machine

Looking for a low-impact exercise that gets great results? Try a rowing machine workout. A lot of people are put off by rowing machines because they look more complicated than a basic treadmill or stationary bike, but they are much easier than they look. [Read more]

3 Ways to Increase Intrinsic Motivation to Lose Weight

Are you familiar with intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation? Although both these types of motivation play unique roles in weight-loss, intrinsic motivation is more effective at turning a behavior into a habit. [Read more]

Why Sugar Creates Havoc with Your Body

If you discover your waistline is getting bigger, you might be quick to blame the fat in your diet and start cutting back on that without considering other possible reasons. The problem probably is the sugar in your diet; everyone knows that sugar often leads to diabetes, tooth decay, and sugar crashes. However, many people don’t realize that consuming too much sugar will also sabotage any efforts to lose belly fat. [Read more]

Can Thirst Manifest As Hunger?

The claim that hunger pangs may be a symptom of thirst is a common piece of dieting lore. Just drink a glass of water, the story goes, and those hunger pangs will magically disappear. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. [Read more]

Hormonal Imbalances After 30

When people say life begins at 40, nobody points out to the women that they need to get in top shape! A lot of women in their 40s are going through emotional turmoil without any hope on the horizon.  The new saying should be “problems begin at 30.” The working woman. Now that she does […]


Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. Research has shown that establishing the appropriate balance of bacteria in your digestive system is linked to health and wellness.  The idea of probiotics is to provide the appropriate strains of bacteria to create a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. [Read more]